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Our larger-capacity grid-connected products generate and store energy, and independently power larger facilities like entire offices, homes, factories and more. An ideal substitute for diesel generators and home inverters, they also offer reverse net metering to profit from feeding excess energy, back to the grid.

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How They Work

Sunpower Renewables grid connected products deliver you energy independence and power security by providing uninterrupted electricity supply, especially during power outages, whilst reducing your electricity bills.

Replace your diesel or power backup generators with our products and stay powered 24×7 with green energy.

IESS & Remote monitoring

Our proprietary IESS smart technology intelligently optimises energy flows between solar and the grid and helps in reducing your electricity bills.

Using a mobile application, energy production and consumption can be monitored anywhere, real-time, which gives the user complete control on their electricity bills. The application also provides consistent usage data and troubleshoot support.

Powers the whole house and I have started playing around with their optimizer to start saving on what we usually spend on electricity bills.
– Anthony M (August 2019)
An excellent option to power the lights for the pool and outdoor lighting for our home – also powers our electric car. Must have for anyone with high electric bills.
– Steve Nichols (October 2020)
My husband bought this for back up when we lost electricity last summer during a particularly torrid rainstorm. Since then, we have had one power outage and I was on my own with the kids – happy to report that not only is it easy to turn on and use – it powered the whole house. Wi-Fi, heaters, and everything. Best of all it did not make a sound and it was simple to change back over when our power was restored.
– Sarah Geller (August 2020)
We have started using the Titan in place of an inverter and have been thrilled with the results. This summer we have gone through many power outages and with the Titan we barely notice them since the change over both ways is automatic and seamless. We have advised the condo committee to start using it in public areas and especially for the lifts. Wish we had known about this earlier!!!
– Anil Saxena (November 2019)
Working from home this year has made it essential for all of us to have our computers powered for much of the day. When my children are using it inside the house, I find myself working from the backyard garden but that is not a problem now that the Helios machine is supporting our electric needs.
– Jessica Lim (August 2020)
Running an around the clock garment factory comes with many requirements, most importantly we have to be fully functional operationally 24x7. This is where the Hyperion has bought us a lot of peace. No power outages whatsoever this time. I have decided to add the Apollo and the aim is by the end of winter to go completely onto these machines. We noticed a cost saving with the Hyperion so with the complete change over we are looking to save on our operational costs tremendously.
– Harsh Gupta (June 2019)
Great success with the Apollo. Now Sunpower Renewables you must get much larger sizes as we are looking to power our entire office blocks through these products.
– Rohit Suri (December 2019)
I was recommended this product by our warehouse management company who has been managing parking lots where owners have installed this product along with solar panels – they had initially recommended it so I could manage the power consumption through my phone remotely. No more power spikes. I can see a lot of potential for this along with the panels. It will not be long before many businesses start to add this to their capital expenditure. This counts towards the accelerated tax write off as well.
– Lee Baxter (November 2019)
Our company is data intensive, and we have critical energy requirements through the day. We have been advised to change over to renewable options. Sunpower Renewables products provide us that option. They are seamless and we have zero disruptions, which was our main concern earlier. To top it off we are now green.
– Karthik A (September 2019)
We have started running our office lobbies on the Apollo and the electricity at night comes from the solar stored onto batteries during the daytime. Expensive night lighting and security requirements now are functioning at a fraction of the cost. Pandemic boon.
– Gerry Tan (November 2020)
As a large hotel group we took on multiple Apollos for emergency lighting and powering lifts at many of our exclusive properties. The impact is noticeable. We are proud to denounce fossils and to have started our three-phase green shift plan.
– Mahesh Joshi (October 2020)
Our resort is an island paradise for many of our guests. It is a time to unwind and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. To maintain this environment, we have added large solar generators that are completely noise free while also being emission free. For our resort this was a natural transition, and we are glad that we came across the Sunpower Renewables offering when we were searing for solar panels.
– Popo Setiwan (June 2020)
Running independent desert villas means we must provide large quantities of power on the go. Hyperion is a no brainer. The team attach the solar panels and that’s it – its ready to be used. We will be investing in more stock. Well done Sunpower Renewables.
– Ram Singh Tiwari (November 2020)
Island power tends to be unreliable at best but running a luxury property means that our guest can suffer no inconvenience let alone suffer power troubles at our hands. Now there is no need to fret for the ground staff when storms are incoming. We have added multiple units and are very happy with them. Easy to run and manage.
– Anwar Wijaya (June 2020)
I own and operate a number of beachside restaurants and this is the first time I have added solar panels and this type of solar generator. I always thought that solar would be iffy and might not work during the rainy periods. I could not risk it on solar panels alone but now this option gives you back up and stores power. To me it makes solar more reliable and not to forget we can even use good old government electricity. Worth the investment and I wasn’t an easy solar convert.
– Martin D’Souza (July 2020)
We had a unique problem at out port. We were getting shipments of Electric Vehicles with their batteries completely discharged, and we could not get them off the ship on to the port. We approached Sunpower Renewables and they designed a portable EV charger for us to go along with their Titan unit. Now every time a ship with EVs docks on our port, we wheel the Titan on to the ship, boost charge the cars and drive them off the ship. This has helped us tremendously in taking deliveries for EVs and will help in boosting the import of EVs into Melbourne.
– Jed Smith (October 2019)
Our maintenance crew at the port use electrical tools for all their repair and maintenance work. When the battery pack runs out they have to come back to the main center to charge the battery which could take 4-5 hours. This was very inefficient and operational expensive. We have not installed Sunpower Renewables Minotaur products on our utility vehicles and our team can now charge their electrical tools on the go. We have recovered our investment in under 3 months. Fantastic product and concept. Highly recommended.
– Jed Smith (October 2019)
My business partner and I have been awarded several contracts to open petrol pumps in the dessert areas that has no access to conventional power. Along with exploring wind it was natural for us to pursue solar in such a hot area. We then were offered the Hyperion generator by Sunpower Renewables. It powers our entire station easily. A truly revolutionary product. Well Done Sunpower Renewables.
– Harshvardhan Singh Rathore (July 2020)
Operating a petrol pump involves lots of complexities. For example, there is a lot of fuel theft and during power outages we are not able to sell petrol because the pump nozzles don’t work on solar due to power surge requirement. I started out with this company quite carefully, doing one pump at a time. This slow change over helped me to notice the cost saving I was making in each area. Suddenly, theft of fuel was reduced, and we were pumping around the clock so bringing in more business. I am continuing to change over to these machines and will soon operate purely on solar and Sunpower Renewables units.
– Mr. Rajendra Prasad (May 2020)
After a convening of industry specialists, it has been brought to my notice that the SPR offering is particularly helpful in the area of pumps largely due to the nozzle surge requirement. Keep up the good work.
– Alexi Miranov (November 2020)
Our team has taken up the Sunpower Renewables machines for our telecom towers which are located in in remote areas. The initial option was purely solar which has many limitations. It will not operate at night or when it gets very dark. As a result, we took a much larger device. The Apollo not only powers the entire operation but can run for two days without solar after storing the electricity. This has been a boon for remote towers.
– Sebastian K (November 2019)
Mining is an electricity intensive industry and we have been heavily reliant on diesel in the past with a push towards green and renewable electricity options. As a result, we took up aggressively on the option to work with Sunpower Renewables and implement these machines specially for lighting. This one area and the control center consume a lot of power. Now we are steadily eliminating diesel where prices vary daily and theft is rampant. We are now enjoying saving on this cost by 75%. With these machines lasting 10 years and more, we look forward to being in the green monetarily as well as with electricity.
– Saurabh Naik (May 2020)
Hospitals are critical energy consumption areas. We also cannot take a risk where lives are at stake. It must be reliable above all and beneficial. We have noticed that as we add these products division by division it has added to the energy stability, and our dependance on external power sources is reducing. This a great way for the medical establishment to go fossil free while working with stable and durable alternatives. We are using Apollos in the tens as of now.
– Sunita Kulkarni (October 2020)
We run our diagnostic center and pathology lab on Sunpower Renewables machines exclusively. Keeping the refrigeration going at constant temperatures is a necessity. We could not be happier with this supply of energy. My one suggestion would be to buy larger supply than necessary - then you are unlikely to ever suffer a shortage or outage.
– Shivonne Martinez (August 2020)
All our Grid Connected products offer multiple charging options. The devices can be charged through solar, grid and external generators (e.g. diesel generators) to ensure you never run out of power. Refer to the ‘How It Works’ video to know more about charging options. Our Grid Connected IESSs’ can be integrated with existing solar installations.
Yes, our Grid Connected solutions provide adequate electricity to run multiple ACs at your premises. Our engineers are trained to understand your energy requirements and provide the correct solution accordingly. You can choose to segregate the load requirements into multiple sections to optimize your energy consumption and reduce your electricity bills.
Although the unit itself is plug and play and does not require any maintenance, we have tied up with local partners in your country who will assist in the technical installation of the product. This is to ensure that the electrical and solar connections are done correctly and safely. Our on-site engineers will train you on operating the products and will be available to assist you with any technical queries or issues with the product performance and optimisation.
We take responsibility for our product and battery warranties. Please contact our local partners in your country for more details. Our local partners can assist you with solar installations and they will provide you with the appropriate warranties and guarantees for the solar panels and installations.
During a grid power outage, your Grid Connected IESS instantly disconnects from the grid and restores backup power to your home via the in-built lithium-ion battery within a fraction of a second, over one hundred times faster than typical standby generators. This means your appliances keep running without any interruption. You may not even notice when an outage occurs allowing you to continue with your Zoom calls or Netflix movies without any disruptions.
Our Grid Connected products are at least 3 times cheaper than a diesel generator over the products life span. They are more efficient (90+%), have a longer life span (10+ years) and require zero maintenance compared to a diesel generator. Based on observed performance and latest diesel prices, the average payback is between 14-18 months. This means you get FREE power for over 8 years with our products.
Additionally, they are noise and CO2 emission free.
With the correct solar installation, our Grid Connected products can take up to 6 hours for a full charge or between 6-8 hours to charge directly from the grid. The number of hours can vary depending on the product size (i.e., battery capacity). All our products are equipped with pass through charging functionality which means you can continue using the products while they are charging.
Yes, all our Grid Connected units are fully portable and come with multi directional wheels to move them around easily within your premises or across different locations. They can be installed indoors or outdoors as per your convenience.
For optimal performance, we recommend storing them indoors (e.g., in your garage or utility room) in an operating environment between 0°Cand 50°C. It is also recommended to keep them safe from dust and debris. While the products are waterproof, continued exposure to water can harm the product exterior over a period of time.
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