Our unique range of hand-held products generate and store energy, and power applications on-the-go. They are sleek, portable, easy-to-carry, and durable. These user-friendly products support multiple applications – from camping and powering homes to defence and humanitarian aid. They are your one-stop-shop for replacing portable diesel generators and home inverters.

Lithium solar

Cost saving


Noise free

24×7 UPS

Australian Made

Long Life

How They Work

Our fully integrated plug-n-play solutions include a built-in inverter, MPPT charger, UPS, and Li-ion battery pack. They are lightweight and compact with a sleek design providing power on-the-go anywhere, anytime. These durable and energy efficient products require zero installation and maintenance.

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Best Ways To Charge

All our hand-held products offer multiple charging options to ensure you never run out of power.