• November 26, 2021

Sunpower Renewables participates in Environment And Energy Conclave 2021, Bengal Chamber

Sunpower Renewables is part of the 14th Edition of Environment And Energy Conclave 2021, Bengal Chamber.

The 14th edition is themed as “Journey towards Net Zero: At the threshold of COP26”.
With the 14th Edition, the Chamber endeavours to curate a Movement for Sustainability and Journey towards Net Zero at the levels of policy, business, society and individual. The focus of the Conclave is to create an International Policy Advocacy Forum towards Net Zero by bringing in Policy Makers, Thought Leaders, Captains of the Industry, Entrepreneurs and Innovators,  Academicians and Torch Bearers of Civil Society.

The annual Environment and Energy Conclave, an international forum for Climate Change mitigation and business response, is held every August and is the preferred forum for discussing environmental and climate challenges and mitigation actions.