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Sunpower Renewables is a global leader in energy storage products. With our wide range of portable lithium solar generators, we assure energy independence anytime, anywhere. Environmentally friendly and technically superior, these products are light years ahead of the current fossil fuel options. Sunpower Renewables is committed to creating a sustainable future by delivering an economical, yet powerful suite of products.

The living world is essentially solar-powered. The earth’s plants capture three trillion kilowatt-hours of solar energy each day. That’s almost 20 times the energy we need… just from sunlight. Imagine if we phase out fossil fuels and run our world on the eternal energies of nature too.
Sir David Attenborough

Lithium solar

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Noise free

24×7 UPS

Australian Made

Long Life

Product Range

We offer a range of products with varying capacities that can be customised to the energy needs of industrial, commercial, residential, and off-grid requirements. While we cater to endless applications, our products are divided into two main categories – Grid Connected and Handheld. From powering your home or office building to lighting up your outdoor expeditions, we have a product for all your energy needs.

Our proprietary IESS, created by our R&D team using solutions of the smart tech era, help you in reducing your electricity bills through practical and intelligent energy optimisation. All our products are simple to use, durable, provide 24*7 power, and require zero installation & maintenance. They are ‘designed for the future’ so that you are never out of power.

Modern and portable solutions with a sleek and compact design, these small but powerful products keep you connected all day and on-the-go, particularly in remote and off-grid locations.

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Larger capacity solutions, powered by IESS technology to enable energy optimisation, for residential and commercial purposes. These reliable solutions assure consistent power supply and reduce electricity bills.

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Portable Products

Explore our full range of portable solar products and accessories.

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Sunpower Renewables Pty. Ltd., an Australian renewable energy solutions company, has developed modern, efficient, and smart solar energy products that allow customers to achieve energy independence while being cost-effective, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. Their ‘Australian Made’ products, which are...
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