• November 26, 2021

Sunpower Renewables participates in Improvate – Israel

Rahul KaleFounder and CEO, Sunpower Renewables, was part of IMPROVATE conference on ‘Agriculture and Water in Arid Areas’ EET, to discuss on renewable energy solutions and their applications in AgriTech with an emphasis on Israel, UAE and Africa.

Rahul said urban and vertical farming would play a huge role in making sustainable communities a reality: “With solar storage becoming commercially viable, you can have vertical farming 24/7. I think the advent of solar storage will see a huge uptake in vertical greenery. Our products can add a lot of value to this industry.”

As climate change continues to impact agriculture worldwide, Improvate is aimed at advancing technological cooperation in agriculture and water with senior government representatives from Israel and Africa along with investors from the United Arab Emirates and Israeli agricultural technology companies.

Improvate is a platform for connecting innovation companies to governments and investors. The Israel – UAE – Africa AgriTech conference will bring together companies with solutions in the field of desert agriculture.

Improvate  discussed the challenges facing the UAE and African nations in ensuring food security in the face of adverse climate conditions, and the opportunities for Israeli companies in these countries.