• November 26, 2021

Sunpower Renewables partners with Pragya for Project Pragati in Rajasthan

Sunpower Renewables is proud to partner with Pragya, for Project Pragati, that aims to enhance the education levels and provide vocational and skill-building training to girls and women in rural Rajasthan, where the educational status of girls is far below the national average.

As part of the program, Sunpower Renewables installed Cleo, our Australian made 400wh portable solar generator, at 14 supplementary Education Centres in villages and 4 district Empowerment Centres. The units ensured round the clock supply of electricity to these centres, thereby maximizing usage hours and providing the students with uninterrupted access to the centre’s learning resources.

Project Pragati will facilitate women empowerment and social development and also promote social entrepreneurship and energy independence. A total of 700 girls (5-14 years of age) in 2 districts in Rajasthan, 60 women, 32 teachers and 60 youth will benefit from this program